Grow Your Dealership with AUTOBOX365!

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Grow Your Dealership with AUTOBOX365! Grow Your Dealership with AUTOBOX365! Grow Your Dealership with AUTOBOX365!
Powerful and Simple Way of Driving your Dealership Business.
Powerful and Simple Way of Driving your Dealership Business.

Powerful and Simple Way of Driving your Dealership Business.

AUTOBOX365 is a powerful online system for managing dealerships, small or big, via both desktop, tablet and mobile.

It gives you full control over inventory, customers, leads, documents, transactions and even marketing.   

AUTOBOX365 is specifically developed for automotive dealerships including Cars, Motorcycles, Heavy Machinery, Boats, Farm Equipment, Caravans.

Start saving time and hassle! Run and grow your business 365 / 24 / 7 with AUTOBOX365 dealership management system.

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Functions & Features

AUTOBOX365 is designed to manage a broad range of business critical functions and services. The system is easy to use, intuitive and self-serving.

From a simple interface run and manage the whole dealership including purchases, stock management, sales, trade-ins, workshop and parts.

Pick and choose from many features to achieve your goals, start small and grow the usage and you'll grow your business.



Get an overview of your dealership with useful business indicators, graphs and key actions. Understand your business performance and priorities. From the dashboard you navigate and control your operation. This is your business' homepage.


Manage your suppliers, control your inventory and trade ins. Add notes and documents to inventory items. Import your existing inventory items, lists and documents. Integrate supplier system and simplify stock control and re-ordering.


Manage your customers with your own CRM tool. Keep customer information updated. Easily import and export data and files. Automatically verify phone numbers and emails. Set automated email / sms notifications and reminders for showings, services and more.


Manage and track your sales, services and leads. Perform vehicle inspections and services from a tablet / phone. Take photos and fill in inspection reports on the fly. Schedule viewings, inspections and actions in the calendar. Be assured there is full integration between Autobox's modules.



Convert customers from leads to transactions. Create, send and monitor quotes, invoices and payment status. Email quotes / invoice and communicate directly through the system. Analyse and review sales and transactions data.


Use powerful reports & graphs to find actionable insights. Generate your own reports, share and communicate with team. Find out exactly how your business is tracking, take actions and make smart business decisions.


If your documents are organised your business is organise. Manage and map all your inventory, customers and leads documents. Store large amount of documents, photos and folders in one place. Easy search and easy find.


Pick from a range of integrated campaign and marketing services. Create, send and follow up SMS, email and sales campaigns. Easily build your own integrated website and enable time saving and effective automatic multiposting.

Technology & Integrations

AUTOBOX365 is a bundled SaaS (software as a service) management information systems created specifically for dealerships.

AUTOBOX365's SaaS system eliminate computer hardware and maintenance responsibility and cost, while simplifying deployment, integration and management.

This means you can cost effectively run your dealership from any device (desktop, smartphone, tablet) anywhere at anytime.

- Advanced API's (connectors) enable you to easy integrate your own existing systems and solutions such as accounting, finance systems and more. - Integrated microservices enable you to pick and choose, start small and grow the usage at your own pace - The system is agnostic meaning it can integrate to classifieds listings portals to enable automatic multi-posting of items to your preferred portals.

- Import and leverage your own existing data from other systems and sources - Access tools which automatically identifies and extract vehicle model, colour, number plates and other information from photos - Access powerful external third party vehicle valuation and market data - Access advanced analytics for better overview and decisions. Benefit from data to drive your business better.

- Access & run your auto dealership 365 / 24 / 7 from anywhere at anytime through the online cloud based desktop, tablet or mobile SaaS application - Leverage integrated cloud based communication tools to always be on top of request, leads and business opportunities.

- Simple user interface adaptable and adjustable to your organisation - Set preferred language, currency, logo, colours and select from a large number of micro services and capabilities - Select number of users and adjust admin and access rights suitable for your sales team, management, Finance and IT.



Start the journey to increase your revenues and transform your business now! AUTOBOX365 offer what the biggest and most professional dealerships have but for a fraction of the price.

Take out your free trial today with no commitments nor lock-ins. Setup only takes minutes. Consider AUTOBOX365 the best investment to run your business you have ever made!

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